Chicken, Olives, Persimmons, and Burrata

If you read about food, you couldn’t miss the explosion around Alison Roman’s Vinegar Chicken with Crushed Olive Dressing. Beyond easy and delicious. I have also been noticing persimmons popping up on every restaurant menu so decided to make some myself.

I made the recipe again over the holidays. Winner again. You just can’t miss. Persimmons, not so much. Made our mouths feel like sandpaper for a few minutes. They have to really ripe and roasted.

Chicken – cut up. She calls for 3 1/2 pounds but depending on the crowd you are having will drive the decision. Heat the oven to 450 (yes, 450). Put the chicken on a rimmed baking tray and rub down with turmeric, olive oil, salt and pepper. Pour 1/2 cup of white wine vinegar over the chicken and place in the oven. I used a winter white vinegar that my brother and sister-in-law brought back from wine country. I probably put in a bit more than 1/2 cup. Roast until the chicken gets browned and done. Takes about 30 minutes.

While the chicken in the oven chop up 1 1/2 cups of pitted green Castelevano olives, one large shallot (you can use garlic but I don’t) and put in a bowl and combine with 4 tablespoons of olive oil and a 2 tablespoons water.

When the chicken is done, put the pieces on a platter. Put the baking tray on the stove, toss in the olive mixture and mix together the juices from the pan and little bits of fat. Pour this over the chicken and serve. I made a little roasted broccolini with chili peppers, olive oil, and lemons on the side.

Persimmons. Heat the oven to 350. Cut them into pieces like a tomato. Rub with salt, olive oil, and honey. Roast for about 30 minutes or until soft and browned. Serve alongside grilled pieces of bread, soft room temperature burrata drizzled with balsamic vinegar and serve. This is good for a side or a starter or even just part of the appetizers.