The Pope Says…

At the end of the year, there are so many lists and conversations about resolutions, change, and of course, we are moving into a new decade.

This popped into my feed on 12/30.

Pope Francis urged us to talk to each other during meals instead of using our phones, per Reuters.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph “prayed, worked and communicated with each other,” the pope said in St. Peter’s Square during his weekly Angelus address.

“I ask myself if you, in your family, know how to communicate. Or are you like those kids at meal tables where everyone is chatting on their mobile phone … where there is silence like at a Mass but they don’t communicate?”

We watched The Two Popes at the end of the year too. A worthy movie about Pope Benedict XVI and the shifting of the tides with the next Pope, Pope Francis. This is the moment when the Catholic Church began to move from holding on to the conservative past with attempting to move into the future. After all, they have one huge impact on the globe regardless of what one thinks about religion.

I love that Pope Francis is telling families to put down their cell phones when they eat. There is something insane to me when you sit down with people to eat and they are more interested in what is happening in the outside world, or themselves, that they can not be present at a meal. Even if nobody says anything, eventually conversation will take place.

There are just some things that should never change. Sitting down for a meal, focusing on the meal, and the people around you. We can’t disincentives ourselves from being human beings.