Even Eve was Second

All women are different. Some find it easier than others to navigate the male world that we live in. Some aren’t comfortable playing the game.

Let’s start with the simple fact that women can have children and men can not. I talk to so many young women who are navigating their 20’s as all people should. Figuring out what they want their career to look like, what their interests are, what they want to do every morning when they get up, how they want to spend their time. It could take several jobs to get there but what it really takes is a solid decade of figuring it out. Then you enter your 30’s.

For women, their 30’s is generally the childbearing years. Not only do women have to navigate their careers, but they also have to navigate having children in a patriarchal society. That creates a very strange dynamic for many when we are surrounded by men who never have to give this a thought in the 30’s decade when you attempt to lock down your foundation so you can grow in your 40’s. We want careers, children, partners, relationships, and friendships in a society run by males who might have the same desires but in much tighter terms, after all, they don’t have to worry about having children and the mental, physical toll and time it takes.

As women have hit the tipping point where they are making more money than their male counterparts, running and starting companies and trying once again to do it all, I wonder is this the generation that will change everything?

Then I answered a crossword clue that asked the question who was the second person in the garden of Eden? The answer is Eve. I can’t help but think really, I mean WTF.

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  1. LE

    It might be wrong to assume that most women and men want careers and life happiness that way. I would say that from my experience most want money and a nice life. A career is just a way to get that. Not everyone is like that for sure. I like what I do and I spend a great deal of time enjoying what I do it’s central to who I am. But I have found that most people (men or women) are not me. They don’t even come close to understanding why I spend so much time at the office or working. Why I would not only not spend practically any time at the beach but when I am at the beach go off to happily answer emails.I know a number of men who are relatives of mine. They work during the week and on the weekend they are doing stuff with the kids this and that. Was not me at all no way. People are different obviously so my point is I don’t think that you can assume that even a large number of women care about career in any particular way but they do care about having money to enjoy a nice life. Men have and do hold women back but that doesn’t explain all the dynamic going on is my point.

  2. Pointsandfigures

    Breaking news, “Democrat Super Donor and Hollywood Icon Harvey Weinstein convicted of rape”—Our society ought to be grateful to the women who came forward despite the obstacles in front of them. Very hard to prove rape in a lot of cases especially in cases that are this old.Maybe this is a start of something.Eve was the second person in the Garden as she was made from Adam’s Rib. Of course, that has all kinds of implications for Adam.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks god!

      1. awaldstein

        Listen to today’s The Daily.Nuanced look at the real details behind the 5 charges and legally how weak a case this was and how groundbreaking it is that the convictions came through.And lead the way to an even more brutal time for him in the LA trial.This is goodness in a world and an administration that is truly challenging.

        1. Gotham Gal

          I will listen!

  3. angela sum

    Lucky I have a hubby that puts me first.The 20s was easy in that I just had to keep striving doing the best I can, climbing up. Thirties though… I always knew I wanted kids but it never registered to me how much it will slow down everything. I am grateful for what I have though, and will just be patient during this stage of life.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Patience is a virtue