Is this a sign?

At this point, we are all in some type of lockdown mode. Amazing how different 5 days feels now. The only thing I can compare this to is 9/11 but then we could at least go out although numb and engage. Also going downtown after Hurricane Sandy felt very apocalyptic or like being in a sci-fi movie. Eerie.

The virus is pushing all of us to slow down. There will be many silver linings out of this coronavirus extended spring break shut down because there always is.  That is part of our daily conversation since both Fred and I are both optimists. We were moving so fast which such bravado perhaps this kick in the pants of reality is what we needed   A self-check at ourselves and how we got here.

We are spending more time connecting, although through chat, with friends and family who we are connected to. We are all spending time at home so not commuting, few if any errands, but just taking it down a notch because there is no other choice. Amazing how the hours rack up and there is time to do something else. Learn a new language, read a book, write the great American novel?

Where will this lead us is the big question? Time will tell but having to hunker down might not be a bad thing for a few weeks as painful as it is. It changes your game.

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  1. LE

    Not going to say I am happy this is happening that’s obvious but I also have noticed there is an upside. I can spend the time to get things done at the office (it’s really close to where I live) all the things that I have not had time to do.That said when you’ve been going going going it’s always a unique experience when you can’t. And it often feels pretty nice.I first noticed this back when I had a boat at a shore place. If the weekend was sunny I always felt obligated to ‘go out on the boat’. Then as always (east coast) the weather was cloudy. So I couldn’t go out on the boat. So I sat inside and did just inside things. And that was really nice. I noticed immediately and found it interesting that I wasn’t as unhappy as i thought I was. The weather being bad for boating freed me to just do nothing if I wanted.If you’ve ever been on a cruise there is a similar phenomena. It’s called ‘sea days’. You have sea days on cruises and you have days where you are docked somewhere. When you are docked of course you get off the boat and you do things ‘excursions’ or just walk around a city. You feel obligated to do that. You’d almost never stay on the boat when it’s docked somewhere. But when you have a sea day it’s pretty cool and you actually often wish (at least I did) for more of those.

  2. Dan T

    I’m in South Florida and it feels and looks like a few days before a hurricane. The difference is that this hurricane is global and is targeted at the elderly and ill. Similar to a hurricane, it’s largely about personal responsibility – those most vulnerable should do the best they can to avoid the disaster and those caring for hi-risk individuals need to do everything in their power to protect the most vulnerable.As compared to the unpredictability of a hurricane – this seems relatively predictable and has the potential of being more manageable – but the outcome is 100% based on the behavior of EVERYONE.Unfortunately, 24% of Palm Beach County is 65+This number is 16% for the US.As a state, Florida is number 2 in percent of people 65+, behind Maine, where I am envisioning older people in the country, vs. older people in Florida in close quarters in retirement homes, 55+ communities, nursing homes and other tight spaces.Hoping that everyone down here is spending time thinking about what they can do to help avoid this potential disaster and just as important what they can choose to NOT do.

  3. awaldstein

    It’s gonna get worse, most of us will be alright.Virus needs to be contained before the markets get fixed.We have been in self isolation for almost two weeks here.Kinda hard to imagine what quarantine means in a large building though but will get to experience this I bet very soon,Be well.

    1. Erin

      I watched a YouTube video of a Wuhan woman who’s been on quarantine for 6 weeks. It was very beautifully filmed- she captured the pathos of seeing one’s mortality so closely, and the simplicity of their meals and interaction after six weeks. She’s in a high-rise condo complex and she films herself going outside to pick up a selfie stick from a neighbor in a different high rise, and it’s very eery and quiet except for her labored breathing into her mask. Kind of like she was on Mars or something.

      1. Gotham Gal

        Send the link

      2. awaldstein

        we are going to be there very soon–not yet, but the city is already strange.Thanks!

  4. Erin

    I just started a job in the financial sector today. What a day for an introduction to the markets! All weekend I couldn’t decide if I was the lucky one to get out of the crowded school when I did, or the unlucky one to get a job with a possible sinking ship- the economy. So far so good- everyone was super calm at work, super sweet, and they’re starting to move people to a work-from-home situation.At around 10 am, we got word that school is cancelled indefinitely as of next Monday. For the rest of the summer. Everyone passed to the next grade. Unprecedented times.