We Did It All and We’re Not Done; a frank conversation about women and aging in the 21st century

Today’s “older” woman is not your mother’s “older” woman. So what’s changed and what is the trail we plan to blaze in what was formerly referred to as our ‘golden years’?

In episode 128, Susan Feldman, co-founder and visionary behind One Kings Lane and the Founder and CEO of In The Groove, sat down with me for my very first video-recorded podcast to talk all about aging, and the effects it does and doesn’t have on us as women and entrepreneurs.

Keep in mind this was done pre-coronavirus insanity. It is such a great conversation that we decided to share anyway and hopefully lift your day.

You can listen to this on iTunes here too. YouTube is above or here.

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  1. LE

    Oh this is great I can tell and only saw 20 seconds. The video format is great. Definitely going to watch this later.You come across WAY different than just audio. It’s the facial expressions I am big on micro face expressions and you are packed with animation. Really mean that.

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. Sierra Choi

    I really prefer the video format! I hope you will output more of these post pandemic and for all your blogs. I would even love it if you filmed your cooking recipes during the quarantine!

  3. jason wright

    January? Get it out there Gal. Time and tide waits for no one.Split screen?