Always follow the money

The life of control, entitlement, and elitism need to stop.  Trump is giving money to the coal industry?  Many industries should have ceased to exist a long time ago and now is the opportunity to shift to the future not hold on to the past.

I want to see more leaders rise who are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.  They are going to be living on this planet longer than me.  They know how to use technology to turn everything upside down.  They also know how to organize online.  It’s time for a massive pivot.

Why are banks saving their wealthiest customers with Government loan opportunities instead of small businesses?  McConnell wants states to go bankrupt when his state is one of the worst takers?  The people in Washington are so uncreative that they are just writing checks to companies through the banks instead of coming up with smart ways to create growth through new industries and jobs.  

A massive transportation bill would be a start.  Rebuild the roads, the subways, above ground rail, high speed trains, and shift laborers who have lost their jobs forever to new jobs.  They then make money which in turn pays taxes and buys goods.  I fear for our bond markets after this money has just gone to paying bills instead of putting some of it to work.  

The banks are going to have to be willing to take the losses for mortgages and more.  Take the write off or more to the point just write them down as venture does.  They had no problem taking a bailout in 2008 that put so much cash into the economy that we created this atmosphere of froth.

No doubt that the world will be a different place when we are all let out of our homes and can all be tested (please more testing) everywhere.  It is time for new voices leading us up a new economy with equality and fairness.  Entitlement of the old school must cease.  

When the markets are doing great and there are huge unemployment numbers that screams disconnect. This is not like the depression although the unemployment numbers are similar. This is more like life interrupted. Many jobs will return, although will take time to ramp up it will still be different and many industries will never return to what they were because they should have changed long ago.

We have a serious problem and leadership from the private sector and definitely the Federal Government is in order.