What Do We Keep When This Ends?

I was on a call talking about the future with some super-smart women. All in different spaces from fashion to food to philanthropy in the medical space. The last question of the night was “what do you want to keep when this ends?”

Each of us is experiencing different anxieties from life being interrupted. How can you not? For some, it is the small victories that create daily joy for others it is finding yourself comfortable in your own space or even figuring out how to be uncomfortable and learning from that.

This pandemic is traumatic for everyone in their own way. No one can predict what life will look like on the other side except there will be a different way of life on the otherwise. We will all have a bit of PTSD when it comes to seeing people and getting too close. More than likely a need to document that we are free of the virus before going to certain places such as restaurants or stores or getting on a plane. It might become the new world just as the TSA at the airport has become business as usual. Who remembers a time when you just walked into the airport and up to the gate to meet someone flying in?

Being able to be present on one thing at a time has changed my game. Multi-tasking has been my middle name as it has for many. For some, sitting down every night with your family and kids for dinner vs endless business travel has been a revelation. Others have taken up drawing. I started crocheting again. Many have started baking bread.

There is a silver lining to everything. What has your silver lining been and how can you continue to incorporate that into your life post-pandemic?