What’s Your Mindset?

I asked someone how they were doing and the response was emotionally solid and physically pretty good. Then someone else sent me a thoughtful email about their mindset and asked me what is my mindset.

I am not clear what my mindset is. Getting stir crazy. Thinking a lot about the sociological impacts of the pandemic. How does this change everything from fashion to food to dating to travel but mostly how does it change people’s outlook on their lives.

After 9/11 I knew more than a handful of people who completely changed their lives. One person looked at their personal landscape and left the world of banking to work in education. Others did a complete 180-degree turn.

No matter what you are doing now be it home working around three young kids, being locked down with a few friends, being by yourself or just your partner or spouse gives all of us some time for inner perspective.

I am thinking about my mindset. It is evolving but what it is on the other end for everyone is what will be game changing.