Where is our FDR?

I read a great quote this weekend.  We are in an FDR moment and we don’t have an FDR. Scary and true but we will rise out of the ashes as we have before.  Our nation is still quite young compared to the rest of the world.  

In the last decade, the amount of wealth that has been created has built a financial divide that has made it more and more difficult for someone on the underserved side to jump over it. Upward mobility and the freedom to do that has always been the American dream and now fewer can get there.  As a society, we are losing out on brains worth tapping into.  It’s insane. 

Have Fred and I benefited from the opportunities and created wealth that is so out of whack with the rest of our nation?   Yes, for sure. We have been living in the Great Gatsby era of these times and I have espoused that for years.  There must be a cosmic shift to send our country on a new path.  We believe that and have worked on equality mostly in NYC through several organizations over the last 30 years.

Equal education, health care for all, affordable housing, transportation, infrastructure. There needs to major acts and changes in our tax system for both corporate and personal.  Not just tossing out capital into the system.

 The worst part is that the Coronavirus has exposed something so fragile in our country and we have no FDR.  We have incompetence with egos at the head of the table and that is the worst kind. I fear that we won’t see anything shift but more lies and campaigning until November.  

I am an eternal optimist and for the first time, I am fearing the worst on how we get out of this economically and it doesn’t feel good.