Commune Living

We have settled in with our kids and friends on the east end of Long Island. It took some time to enter the commune as they have been settled in since mid-March. We just arrived in early May.

One on hand I am so angry and aghast at how we go to this point in our country regardless of the pandemic. The pandemic just adds another layer of angst. But, I am working on letting it go although not easy knowing we could be in commune life for longer than we think.

Commune living, on the other hand, is quite nice. We might be the parents in the house but nobody needs parenting. Everyone works during the week in different locations around the house. Breakfast and lunch is a bit of a free for all although sometimes there is a group order for lunch to support the local restaurants. Dinner is the highlight.

There is a sign-up sheet every Sunday and you get one night. Cooking only one night a week for 9 people is plenty. One of the many joys of having adult children. Everyone living here is an excellent cook and many bake too. Emily has become the master of bread which is a true treat. Cookies are also abundant. One night someone made soba noodles from scratch. Another night we have an Indian meal with an incredible spinach feta side dish. Roasted cauliflower over a miso mayo. Lamb burgers with homemade buns with a kale Caesar on the side. Crackers made from excess sourdough. Campari cake. Pork Larb. Poached chicken with vegetables in a rich broth. And there is more.

Nothing goes to waste. All hands on deck for figuring out things around the house. Fred got the ethernet into the second floor with his handyman project that made his day perhaps his week.

And tomorrow….we clean.