Constitutional Rights?

We are all sick of being locked down. Does anyone enjoy that little bit of angst seeing friends from a social distance? Certainly wearing masks and gloves is something that has never been high on my “to do” list. I particularly enjoy washing my hands so many times a day that my hands are constantly dry.

Do I miss having my hair done? Having a pedicure? Facial? A good house cleaning? Dressing up and going out for a meal? Just pounding the pavement and interacting with random people? Hmmm…let’s see. Oh no, I prefer to look slovenly and have locked up dreams on a nightly basis.

Some people have decided that they are having their constitutional rights taken away by not being allowed to roam free and get together in large groups without masks and have a meal…and just thought I’d toss in their the right to pack a gun in tight urban spaces. Well, how about those who have the right to stay safe from getting sick?

What I propose is that if you feel it is your god-given right to do whatever you want including not pay for health care well then here is what I suggest. Every one of these people who believe that we should just ignore the science so we can get the country’s economy back in place instead of thinking about how to move it forward in a new way then there should be some rules.

Every one of you should sign a document that states if you get sick then you get the last bed in the hospital or you don’t get any treatment because your rights were more important than your safety including everyone else’s. If you do that then go out and enjoy your day with all the other idiots who believe that we should ignore the situation at hand that happens to be wreaking havoc across the world and spend the day frolicking on the beach with thousands of others.

I am going to remain safe, smart and look to the future.