When cracks start to appear in broad daylight it’s time to repair them. That applies to everything. Many industries are waking up.  They are realizing those cracks that they believed could be ignored are now too exposed.  

Meatpacking companies, the underbelly of the gig economy, and hourly labor are showing those signs.  Jeff Bezos, who is going to spend $4b, essentially an entire quarter of profit to make Amazons’ work areas safe although questionable how long it took and the anger that is starting to bubble over there. It’s about time and perhaps this pandemic forced his hand but it’s happening without unions. 

The meat industry and the food supply, in general, have shown some ugly stuff.  It’s time to fix this and have safe working people in positive environments, period.

Then there are the individuals who have been part of the gig economy before there was a gig economy. Trainers, cleaning people, dog walkers, hair dressers, cosmeticians, nannies, taxi drivers (pre-Uber), furniture delivery people, gardeners, construction workers. The list is long. The majority of these people are living almost hand to mouth. They should all have access to universal healthcare and the opportunity to continue in these professions.

Teaching has finally been given its due. Parents are realizing how difficult a job it is.

There are also the industries that have realized that they need to get on technology platforms that they have ignored for so long. More on that later this week.

If we can come out of this with more respect for people working in these industries well then those are the silver linings.