Creativity in Coronaland

Watching what people are doing to engage is really cool.  I love watching what David Chang is cooking.  Christina Tossi is fabulous and has such a great upbeat attitude. Seeing Amanda Hesser fuck shit up in the kitchen are such Julia Child moments. Seeing what artists are painting or what musicians are working on is insightful.

Some of the stuff from the celebrities is absurd but the authenticity of stars that are working people who have built businesses vs talented actors is quite different.  It is a whole bag of creativity. It is impressive considering none of us can believe we are getting up and doing the same thing again day after day.

Also enjoying institutions such as the New York Public Library sending out a weekly newsletter accessing their archival assets. Loved the Sounds of New York. Why it took them this long to get with the program I will never understand but at least organizations are finally figuring out how to stay connected to their audience and if they are lucky will capture the heart of others. To me, these are silver linings. 

I wish that I could sing beautifully or act but I can’t.  Those are incredible assets but how everyone has become a brand over the past ten years to be in the public eye is a strange phenomenon.  The influencer generation was built on social media. It is about looking over the fence, and thinking their grass is greener and I want that grass. How did we get here? 

If we look back in history people who had nothing just wanted to be educated.  Read books and be smart.  We need to go back there.  Perhaps we can with a new education system. I do pray that we take a look at where we came from and go back to what is most essential. .

As we think about what will life look like when we get on the other side of this pandemic I hope that we turn to a time where we spend more time applauding the creatives. That is the artists, the musicians, the bakers, the chefs, the scientists, the writers, the mathematicians, the journalists, and more for their work not necessarily their ability to create a brand.