Fashion Defines the Times

Who has worn the same pair of pants for the last week? Or maybe you have worn the same t-shirt? I remember when I was pregnant with Jessica pretty much wearing the same pants so often that the guy I was working with asked me to burn them before I returned after maternity leave. Now I am considering what to do with my pandemic pants when this ends.

Fashion has always defined the times. When Carol Burnett started in 1967 she wore a long sometimes sparkly dress to kick off the show with her monologue. Fast forward decades when she did a reunion show, she came out in a casual sweat pants outfit. Fashion has always defined the times.

I keep thinking about next-generation retail and next-generation brands. Walking around in workout attire in LA is much more acceptable than NYC and certainly Paris and London. What will designers be creating in the post pandemic world? Less or more color? Fancier or more casual? More direct to consumer and less selling to department stores? What will the marketing campaigns look like? Who will brands want to connect with? How does commerce return? Will the crazy world of fashion shows and new capsules coming out every season that ship months before the actual season cease?

Fashion is a huge industry and touches every one of us whether you think so or not. We all wear clothes, shoes and sometimes a coat. What will be driving fashion in the months to come and what will it look like?