Learned Needs

I am longing for a personal car wash. The first time I had a pedicure was the night before my wedding. It was a revelation. Within a few years there was a nail salon on every other corner in NYC.

Personal grooming began in the Stone Age. The biggest advances kicked into gear during the Middle Ages. From the early 1900s and then throughout the century pushed us to where we are today. Everyone needs personal grooming.

The entrepreneurial spirit that runs through the personal care world is epic. The physical trainers, the hairdressers, the masseuses, the accupuncturists, the facialists, the manicurists and waxers are for the most part run their own lives with clients.

The pandemic is killing their livelihood and let’s be honest, it is killing many of us too. I miss personal grooming. I also miss all the people who I spend time with each month. The entire process of pampering ourselves just feels good.

My best look right now is sweatpants. I am trying to feel chic but let’s be real. I did do my own hair which was an event in itself and nobody in our commune even noticed. That says something in itself. We have all just gotten used to the eternal look of loungewear.

There are many things we have learned in Quarantine but certainly the joy of dressing up, putting my best foot forward and feeling good when I look into the mirror on the way out the door is not over-rated.

Honestly, I miss myself.