Social Shifts

First week was crazy. The second week was a lot more mellow and by week number six or is it seven (?) I am happy to let my mind wander. The social shifts in urban areas are very pronounced. They are social cities where people go out to dinner, go to the theater, go to museums, walk through galleries, see movies, go shopping and do a lot of walking.

Now we are on week what? Is it Monday? The days just sort of blur into one another. People with kids just know it is Saturday and Sunday because school is out. Camp will more than likely not be happening unless the tests can get into everyone’s hand regardless of showing symptoms. Based on the ineptitude of this administration it is obvious that this won’t happen quickly enough.

Companies are realizing that working from home works pretty good. Being present in our lives is such a silver lining. People have figured out to exercise without going to the gym but still attending a class or working with someone one on one. Zoom works but sitting in front of a real person is certainly better.

Getting food in our fridges has gone through a transformation. Delivery is game-changing. Restaurants have morphed into pick-up situations. Thank god for the Internet!

But for all of these technological shifts, we still need people that we can touch and hug. I miss going to the farmer’s market. I miss going to restaurants. I miss walking the city streets and popping into a gallery or store. I also miss some type of leadership in our country. The lack of compassion or good ideas and grifting out of the White House just add another layer of angst.

Social shifts are happening but where we end up, it is very much unclear.