What’s Privacy?

Is it actually possible to have total privacy on the web? There have been very few times when I have done a search for someone and I come up with nothing. I admit I do not applaud that but it freaks me out.

So what is privacy? Can there be privacy anymore? Do we want privacy? The second I click on something that someone sends me I begin to see the same stuff being pushed at me from google search to Instagram seconds later. That used to freak me out but now it is just part of reality.

When we click on the acceptance of cookies on every single website, do we actually read what that website can grab about you? What are they going to do with that info is what I find the most interesting.

I am fine with galleries knowing what I am drawn to. That is great data for when I return. I am fine with letting 23 and Me using my information just as I am with my doctor using my data. I hope that the combination of massive data in certain areas can provide worthy results for other things.

These days, the only true privacy I care about is making sure my social security number, our bank accounts, and certainly our credit card information remains very very private. That is probably the only privacy left.