Crumbling Down

When a foundation cracks, the chances are that everything around it will eventually crumble. That is exactly what the world feels like now. Although our leadership across the globe has significantly deteriorated, people around the globe are joining people on the streets in solidarity to protest.

The foundation has been built by mostly white men who have ruled over every facet of our lives for as long as anyone can remember. Christianity has been drilling that in since the beginning of time. Adam came first and he decided he needed a partner so Eve came from him. She was second and she was essentially owned by him.

That foundation is cracking. There are a million reasons for it but the time has come. #MeToo finally gave women and men who saw but couldn’t speak the chance to say enough is enough. The heartbreaking killings of countless black men, as I am sure many have not been told, have finally come to a point where most people, no matter the color of their skin, have said enough is enough. Where the lack of funding towards social systems and amping up a police force to look like a military organization has got to stop. It is no different than putting black Americans in jail for weed which is slowly becoming legal in every state so this appears to be a new way to hold black men back. Enough.

I hope that the country, and the globe, finds itself in a year at a place where all people strive for equality. Where people spend time understanding their fellow person and appreciate their differences no matter what they are. I am hopeful seeing so many new faces running for offices who want to rebuild our foundation with a united front to support all of the people.

It is time for change.