Power to the People

The protests are amazing.  The changes that politicians are now expected to take have been swift. They hear it.  The people are pissed off and want change. Changes in the police system are the protests right now but there is much more in those voices. They want fundamental shifts in how our country is run and how we support each other.

I bet in another five years the landscape of most of the politicians are a myriad of faces and the majority of people under 50.  It is so time to bring new voices that represent generations to come.

When I was involved with the kids’ school (when they were younger) I’d always note that the loudest voices seemed to be what I call the major minority.  The biggest complainers about stupid shit. The majority doesn’t come in to complain but if they get pushed far enough they slam the minority into their place.

We are witnessing the majority say enough of this shit.  We are going to get in the world’s face until we see change.  Huge kudos to the protesters and this movement. Our daughters have been out there every day and I couldn’t be prouder.