Restaurants, Love and Friends

There is something about Covid-19 that pulls and connects us even more to the friends and family around us. As crazy as these times are, the friend thing feels really good.

Last night for the first time since March 6th, we went out to a restaurant with friends. One of them was the first friends in LA we social distanced with. A memorable event. We are now all out on the east end of Long Island still social distancing. I didn’t forget but I truly didn’t realize the intensity we missed going out with friends to a restaurant. It was such a great night.

Only one picture was taken. I gave our friend, Ben Leventhal, a GG hat. Requested awhile ago and the passing of the hat finally happened. We had a family-style meal. The food was so good. The staff was fantastic. Being outside was amazing. Drinks were flowing. Dessert never tasted so good. It all felt so good and normal.

Covid-19 is still out there in force and we have all been locked down tight and have been smart. I trust them and they trust us. On top of the protests and the economy and everything else hanging out there that is top of all our minds. Very strange times and hopefully changing times.

After dinner, we all walked away with big smiles on our faces looking forward to getting together next week. It was an attitude changer. We all needed it.