We Are All Accountable

We are all asking ourselves the question of accountability. Did I do the right thing when it came to supporting anti-racism? Did I help black people raise up with respect and transparency about their realities? Was I always respectful? Did I make an effort to have diversity in the world I live in? Did I teach our kids the importance of understanding race in this country from a young age?

We should all be held accountable for making the world a more equitable place especially for the black community that has had to live by the white man rules. Michael Kiwanuka sings the words “I am a black man in a white world”. If you aren’t black you can’t truly understand what that is like.

I have seen countless emails this past week from companies all declaring their commitment to #BlackLivesMatter. So many words. Many of the leaders of these companies have had the power to make change for decades but never did. Why? Because it was just easier not to? It seemed to work so why change? It wasn’t on the radar? Ask yourselves, what was it and talk about it out loud with fellow workers, people that work for you, your kids, your friends.

Words are words. We are now more than ever all aware of our accountability. It is time for action.