Where Are We Going?

There is so much change going on that it is hard to pinpoint where we are going? One thing is for sure, we are chartering new territories.

COVID-19 has pushed us all back on our feet and the numbers continue to rise, fall, and remain stable on different days in different locations around the country. New information comes out daily that confirms a lot is not really known about the virus or when it truly began. What is Phase 2, 3 and 4 going to look like? Bottom line, wear a mask.

Trump’s rally was a total bust. Trump fired Geoffrey Berman, a US State Attorney who appears to be uncovering information about the Trump family and his allies. Eventually, it will all come out but sitting on the sidelines watching is painful and makes me angry. Trump might think he is a dictator but that is not how our country works.

The protests continue forcing all politicians to rethink their policies. The people are speaking up loud and clear.

Facebook’s reaction to managing the lies on their platform just confirms how tone-deaf they are. Northface pulled all its ads from Facebook. Who is next?

NIH pulled the plug on hydroxychloroquine as a product that does not help people with COVID-19. It is Trump’s friend who owns that company which is why he touted it. How much money did that cost the taxpayers as NIH went through the process?

June 19th is finally acknowledged as a holiday that has been celebrated by the black community for decades.

Bolton’s book just shows how little has been uncovered and looked at during the impeachment process or perhaps Barr has just kept it under wraps. Regardless, very frightening on how things are being run on multiple levels.

Companies are announcing that voting day will be a holiday and their stores or offices will be closed. Finally.

The Senate continues to support an administration that is corrupt. More new faces are running in elections across the country and the numbers point to many of the old school politicians will be left in the dust. Change is afoot.

Healthcare for all is becoming more important as people are being hit with bills after having COVID-19 and are in need of long term care. It is time.

Consumption behavior has changed with COVID-19. Companies are not quickly returning to the office but remaining virtual. We have become a Zoom world. No camp this summer. What will education look like in the fall? There is not a solid foundation built for a quick change.

The protests and the anger all coupled with the incompetence around COVID-19 has not even peaked. There is no doubt we are living in a changing world but the bigger question is “where are we going”?