As always, the Private Sector saves the day

photo from the New York TImes

Leadership would be nice. Remember the days when the Government was respected? We would all feel thankful, even if we didn’t agree, that the President would guide us. Wait, I think that was before I was born.

Last week the largest retailers finally realized that when we open our doors to the public, we better not be the one that has a COVID-19 breakout or we are fucked. Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy, Apple, Trader Joe’s, and others told the public, wear a mask or you can’t enter our stores. Once again, the private sector is saving the day.

It isn’t just retail but in medicine too. Wouldn’t it be nice if we trusted our Government to make the right decisions about funding the right medical companies instead of shooting in the wind? 50% of people in our country are afraid to take a vaccine (when one comes) because they fear that Trump is benefitting somehow and pushing shit thru. But I didn’t really trust the Government anyway.

We all need leadership, a guiding principle, and to feel good about our country. Vietnam was the beginnings of a Government that began to lie to the public and now look where we are.

How do we begin to believe in Government again? The private sector will always save the day but it would really be an added bonus if the Government did everything they could to support the private sector and that means the entire private sector.