Family Care

What we have learned during our time of lockdown is that those with young children are having the toughest time. Of course they are. If you work full time and are home with kids who were supposed to be in Zoom school or those with pre-school age kids, it has not been easy to juggle.

Those home with two working parents has shifted the family dynamic. Parenthood has become a shared responsibility. That’s game changing. Many are home without childcare help. That has to change too.

When we get to the other side of this pandemic, we need to figure out safe childcare for everyone. It allows people to return to work and be productive and not slide back to having the lions share of raising kids fall on the woman’s’ shoulder. It is good for the economy and it is good for family dynamics.

What should childcare look like post the pandemic? What will facilities look like? How much will they be? What kind of training do you need before working there? What kind of degree? This should be an industry that has the equivalent degree of teachers to work there. We should pay our teachers more and that should be from childcare to high school teachers.

This is a part of the economy that needs better resources to shift away from the past into something new and good for all of us.