Gallery Hopping

I went on a journey to see the galleries on the east end of Long Island with Em’s friend who I have known since she was 6. She works in the art world, at Pace Gallery. I so love the kids my kids grew up with who they are still super tight with. NYC downtown kids who are unique, savvy, sophisticated, and fearless with an entrepreneurial edge. Masks on the face and off we went.

We started in Sag Harbor. There are a variety of stores there. I really like the antique and gallery spots. Our first stop was at Le Lampade. Mostly mid-century finds but good pillows too.

Next stop was Borghi who has installed a group show of Black artists. I keep thinking about the work of Chakaia Booker who has made some epic installations over the years for museums.

Here is the gallery.

We wandered into Black Swan Antiques who has a mixture of many things. You can definitely find some gems in there. I happened to love this piece. Her side kick is a guy leaning over with a camera that shoots every time you pass.

Then we drove to Wainscott to Alone Gallery. This is by appointment only. You get on their wifi, which they send you, enabling you to open the front door and take in the show by yourself. A variety of more mature artists but the highlight was Tomas Sanchez, a Cuban artist. The gallerist hangs out in a chair to get feedback and chat before leaving the property. Conceptually a good idea.

Next stop East Hampton where some of the big galleries have taken space such as Pace and Sothebys. Wise move. People are buying and selling. Lots of works are on the market from collectors looking to shake things up.

Sotheby’s is carrying work from either the back storage or from private collectors looking to sell from jewelry to paintings. If you are looking for a Hockney?

Eric Firestone, who has become a fixture in East Hampton, has begun to take on more work from artist archives. I really loved this piece from Charles DuBlack.

My favorite gallery in East Hampton is Halsey McKay. He has a great eye for emerging artists. Hilary Pecis is one to speak of where her work has just become almost impossible to get.

Like most galleries he also has a group show up.

Our next move was Montauk to South Etna Gallery. The strong move is to stop in Ralphs Famous Italian Ices and Ice Cream before hitting up the show. The art continues to change as people buy pieces. My favorite piece is by Andrew Lamar Hopkins who is from New Orleans. His work is paintings deconstructing 19th century Creole life.

All and all quite a great day. I needed it. Ending to our day was the ceramic bong in the bathroom at South Etna.