How Do You Break the Cycle?

In order to move forward, you have to understand where you came from. As a country, we have attempted to sweep a lot of our dark history under the rug. Those damn dust bunnies always seem to find their way out. At one point it is time, to be honest with ourselves and clean the place up. It feels really good once you do it. It is time to do that for our country.

Breaking cycles takes work. It doesn’t happen overnight but with direction and a desire it can be done. We must have more equality for everyone. The chasm is too wide. It is unacceptable that people do not have roofs above their head at night, that they can’t get medical care which includes help for mental health, that they can’t put food on the table, that they can’t get a solid education, that they can’t be treated equally from salary to opportunities to the world is their oyster too.

The more we understand about our own history the easier it is to break the cycle. But you have to be able to acknowledge history and use it to move forward up a positive road. It can be done.

I want to hear from the candidates out there, how are do they plan on seriously disrupting the cycle by learning from the past. Massive changes in the tax system, massive changes in the budget to where capital is allocated, massive jobs to create, and massive changes in education as the most important. It all begins with education. Knowledge is the key to understanding how to move forward.

It is time for a major reckoning. The jig is up. It is time for a new dance but we have to understand the old steps.