Moms Create Change

If you talk to women in Israel or Egypt when they talk about the Israeli Egyptian peace treaty that was signed in 1979 they will tell you it was the Moms who pushed for change. This war was killing their children. Enough was enough.

Moms in Argentina, South Africa and other areas around the world saw too many of their children get harmed or die and made their presence known. At one point they had enough and rallied their community of Mom’s.

What is happening in Portland is frightening and devastating but those Mom’s are inspiring. Quite frankly I can not believe that this is happening in the United States. But the Moms are taking action. Seeing camouflaged federal agents snap up their kids from the streets has pushed many over the top. People being hurt without cause, being stripped of their rights in non-violent protests shouldn’t happen.

America is at a crossroads. The Moms are seeing an America that they are not ok with and they are out there in protest. As more Moms come out and protest in all of our cities, perhaps the politicians who have chosen to ignore what is happening on our streets will begin to realize that it is time to ignore the party line and say enough is enough. My biggest fear is t his won’t end well.