Test, test, test

As our kids and friends come back and forth from the city to the beach, the protocol is simple, get a COVID-19 test and get the results before you come out. That is how it should be across the country. Not only should we all be able to get a test with ease, for a minimal cost, but we should also be able to get the results immediately.

This is not the case. Some people took a test over a week ago, locked themselves in waiting for the results from CityMD, and are still waiting. Others took the test from Urgent Care, the CityMD for Mt Sinai patients, and go their results in over 48 hours. Mt. Sinai’s customers pay an annual fee and CityMD is walk-in.

Long Island City’s Profundo pool and lounge, part of Ravel Hotel’s outdoor area has on-site testing. The hotel partnered with Vestibular Diagnostics to provide 5 Abbott Lab machines that process rapid-response tests. If you are good to go, you are let into the pool party going on. One waits for their results, properly spaced apart in the 10,000 square foot ballroom currently not being used. It cost $35 with insurance and $50 without it so you can think of it as the price for admission. You can get the antibody test too if you are curious.

We have to wonder how NY City’s medical testing facilities were so overwhelmed for the July 4th weekend that they were incapable of getting results back to people in less than 48 hours. Guarantee that disrupted many people’s plans including some of our own guests who couldn’t come out because they didn’t get their results in time.

Who is managing this mess? Why so unprepared? Why can’t all of these facilities get Abbott Lab machines? How do restaurants get those machines? Theaters? Concerts? Events? What is the cost?

Where is the Federal mandate putting capital behind this? If they are so concerned about getting the economy back on track then why aren’t they getting more testing for everyone on a constant basis?

Truth is I know all the answers why. It is just another addition to the anger and frustration I have with the Government at hand, the way so many businesses operate, how hospitals are under-equipped, and how fucked up our healthcare system is. I don’t need to go on. You get the point.