JED Foundation

We are all so much more aware of mental health. Talking about anxieties and depression are no longer kept as family secrets. Through conversation, awareness, supportive nets, and early intervention, we have found that we can help others and ourselves before things get really dark.

Donna and Phil Satow started the JED Foundation twenty years ago after their son Jed committed suicide. They asked the question anyone would ask themselves which is “why” and “what did we miss”? Through the foundation, they have worked on getting rid of the stigma of suicide. They have created a blueprint for educators to teach everyone to understand mental health and prevent suicide.

The Jed Foundation reached out to me. I am extremely impressed with what they have done and continue to do. I hate to use cigarettes as an analogy but through education, cigarette use has changed. Conversations around mental health are very different than they were 20 years ago too. As people open up about their own personal issues with depression and anxiety we are all starting to listen and understand how important it is to have transparency and conversation about all of our own emotional health.