Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Media is a business. If there was no controversy or the election and it was a slam dunk, then nobody would watch the news. Fox inflames their reporting of the news because it works for them. It really doesn’t matter if there is truth to what is told. The same could be said of any media outlet.

How do we stop the lies? How do we make sure that the data supports what is being said on television? The narrative is being reshaped for everyone’s own personal benefit.

My friend and I talked about this the other morning. For instance, the Spanish Flu did not start in Spain. It began at Fort Funston in Fort Riley Kansas in early 1918. During that time Spain was the only country with free media that covered the flu from the start. Hence, the Spanish Flu. It was a good narrative yet we were the Wuhan here.

What if there was a small alert box that beeped or just produced a shot of color every time a lie was told on the television? It would be built on top of AI and overtime the alert box would become smarter and smarter about truth vs lies. It would force the media to present a true narrative vs one that just works for themselves, their audience, and the eyeballs that they want to serve.

It would change the media. It would change false narratives for politicians. It might make the ongoing anxiety go away. Just putting it out there. Someone could build this. It might even freeze the TV for a moment and give the actual truth. It could be a game-changer for the liars and the lies they tell. Just a better way to spot the liars then bemoan them while screaming at the TV.