Life Goes On

In the past few weeks, two people we know have gotten married.

One of the couples booked their wedding, booked it again when COVID hit and then realized that they would have to rebook it again but weren’t sure when. So instead of waiting for another date (which could be another year) they put together a last minute wedding with friends and family who were in the vicinity, in a backyard, and it looked fantastic. Life needed to go on.

Another friend’s son had a wedding planned that had to be cancelled but they wanted to still get married on that date so they had a small backyard wedding too. Friends and family who weren’t there were able to Zoom into the vows for 15 minutes which was a nice value add. Will they ever have that big wedding that was planned? Questionable because life goes on.

Will we return to those big parties? The wedding industry generates over $60 billion a year. The florists, the spaces, the photographers, the outfits, the hairstylists, the makeup artists, and more. Will that change too?  

Everyone’s priorities change when a catastrophic event happens. Will, any of them choose to have the wedding of their dreams in a year or find themselves content and in many ways happier than having the big event? The cost is huge and unclear what large events will look like on the other side.

Life moves on. It isn’t so much that life has changed but the question is will we return to the life we had in the past? I kinda doubt it.