Rolling Boil

I was talking with my brother this weekend.  We always have a chat about the world at large.  He said that the world was bubbling.  He’s right.  
We aren’t at war but there is this strange feeling that feels like we in the midst of a war. 

Trump is losing his grip and he knows it.  He is incapable of turning around the cruise ship.  He has somehow been able to create havoc on the world
When dynamics shift things change.  We were a powerful country that has lost respect except for the dictators across the world who love how Trump pretends to be in charge.  He will get his.  But we have got ours too. 

Look at what’s happening in Israel.  Look at what happened Beirut.  Look at the protests in Russia.  Look at the push back in Poland. Even look at the protests in Bolivia. There are so many other countries to point to. Look at the people who are winning local elections here in the states.  They are pushing out the old guard and most of them have never run for office before. Most of them are black, female, and gay.

People are pissed and the new generation is speaking out and making changes.  Unclear why there are still 40% of people in this country that support Trump.  15% I get but 40% is shocking and very worrisome about the future.

It isn’t a war but it is a war of something else while we are in a Pandemic.  A perfect storm calling for massive change.  It might be ugly getting there but we will get there.  I’m optimistic it will be a much better world on the other side of the rolling boil.