Somedays A Good Sob is All You Need

There are always good days and bad days. In the COVID world, the bad days just seem to be amplified. There isn’t a real reason why you wake up on the wrong side of the bed somedays but it just happens. It is so hard to wrap our arms around this invisible virus that is wreaking havoc on our lives. Sometimes just a trip to the grocery store in your mask, waiting in the separated line of six feet apart is just enough to push you over the edge.

Some days a good sob is all you need. It’s anxiety boiling up, not knowing what day it is, looking at the same walls, cooking another meal, and just that knowledge of being trapped and stressed. A big cry can trigger a calming circuit in your brain. AKA it feels good after a good sob.

Now more than ever, as more people are paying attention to mental health, we should all have access to a therapist. As Brad Feld said in his post this week, there is no downside to trying. Having someone to talk to and work through whatever it is you need is a bonus.

I had tried therapy a few times and never found the right person but when I did, what a game-changer. Having a conversation in my own head is much better when I have it with a therapist.

Anxiety is high for everyone. Access to therapy for everybody should be first and foremost when we begin to think about the healthcare system of the future.

Also….a good cry now and then is a good thing too.