The Work Out

Peloton made the rounds of several people I know, including my box, when they were looking for capital. I remember thinking that this is just another new-fangled piece of workout equipment that will sit eloquently in the corner and either collect dust or accumulate clothing.

I was wrong on that one. Timing can be everything. COVID-19 has completely changed the exercise world. Going to the gym right now is a bad idea but exercising through the pandemic is key. Good for the mind and obviously good for the anxiety food eating including the nightly cocktail which is now needed more than ever.

This past weekend I watched two women take a yoga class online together. I could hear the instructor while I watched them do their own thing. There was nobody to come around and make sure they were aligned but they did feel part of a class. They didn’t have their mats crammed next to others in a sweaty room that smell of last night’s dinner coming through people’s pores. They were outside enjoying the flow.

On the Peloton you are part of the class. You can even compete if you want or just do your own thing. You are part of it without being there.

For trainers, who understand how to work with people through Zoom or Facetime it can be a true bonus. Nobody has to travel and so many hours are saved. For people exercising, if you decide one day that you just want to attend a yoga class, you can with ease. There are many options online.

Certainly few people have loads of equipment in their homes but the reality is all you need is a mat, some weights, and a few bands. Will the gyms return in full force or will the online options change the land of exercise forever? I am thinking the latter.