Think Big, but Make Small

Five months have passed since the day we all remember, the weekend of March 13. By Sunday, the 15th, we were on lockdown. So much has happened since then it feels like another time.

The one thing that nobody is certain of is how this pandemic rolls into a pending recession. What will that look like in a year? How will people want to live? What will they want to buy? Will they go to stores? What will stores look like? Will people stay more connected to their neighborhood community?

We should all be thinking big. Think about how we can bring back our communities. How we can feel good on our streets. How we can support the neighborhood. How we can go out to dinner. How we want to educate our children. So many questions and desires.

There is no silver bullet here. We might think big but we need to stick to small. Small meaningful ways to help in our communities. Small personal businesses that don’t need to grow but just be profitable with a loyal audience. Small intimate gatherings.

We have been thinking big for years capitalizing on massive debt. For some it has worked, for others not so much. It is time to go back to small.