When The Division Ends

When this is over and it will be at one point. The reality of what happened behind those white doors of the White House will all come out.  More than likely it will be worse than any of us imagined.

A house can be burned down in minutes but it takes months if not years to rebuild.  From the riots across the country that are fueled by hatred, the people with guns smashing retail windows, the lack of funding for education and hundreds of thousands of people dying from Covid-19 but one of the worst is the immigration policy that was foisted upon ICE is the worst.

I began to watch the Netflix documentary on Immigration and it broke my heart.  We have taken children away from their parents and it appears without any documentation of who they are connected to.  Thousands of children who will never see their parents again and thousands of parents will spend their lifetime searching for them.  Can you imagine having your two-year-old ripped from your arms and never knowing where they are or if you will ever see them again?

Unclear how this morally reprehensible situation is fixed but there have been so many terrible crazy things that have happened during the Trump years that I fear what else we will discover after this nightmare ends.