Where is Our Support System?

We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world and we have no support system. It is time.

When COVID hit Europe, they locked down. Life has changed but things are pretty much back although the travel industry has suffered tremendously and that has rocked the economy. What is worth asking is what is going to happen to many Americans when we all get to the other side because we are certainly not there yet. Every country seems to be on their second rebound, we haven’t even got through the first round.

What makes us different as a country is our lack of support systems. It has become quite obvious that our businesses are leveraged to the hilt and very few have the capital to remain afloat for long. Businesses are closed and closing, people are not getting a paycheck to pay the rent and put food on the table. What will happen when the paycheck never returns?

In Europe, they won’t see home evictions, encampments of homeless people, hungry children, and destitute families because there is a support system. It might have taken a toll on the Government but that is what the Government is for.

Everyone in Europe has access to healthcare. Cash is being given to those who need it. Arts are supported. There are many other things supported by the so-called system but the good news is everyone stays afloat.

In the US, people who have lost their jobs, their support, their homes, and now find themselves somewhere that they never had dreamed of….on the street, in the food lines and couch surfing until the couches dry up. As a nation, we should be helpful to everyone one of these people. We need to rethink our system where there are more safety nets.

Our Government is not doing a good job of creating a support system that might be costly in the short term but the financial good actually ends up being good for everyone in the long run. Let’s watch the European economy rebound vs ours. We don’t have to look that far to see how having a safety net for anyone in bad times is a very good thing.