There this attitude from Trump which is yeah there is COVID but fuck it.  I’m going to be fine so you will just deal with it.  

I’m walking thru Sag Harbor this week seeing everyone person in a mask.  Kids on skateboards have masks.  People shopping have masks.  Some in masks enter your space a little too aggressively as if all’s fine because they have a mask.  For some that freaks them out, for others, they are over the whole thing anyhow. To me, it is about being respectful. Just wear a mask and behave.

Here’s the thing.  It’s not over.  It should have never become this.  There is so much god damn white noise being thrown at us daily from this administration that it is literally impossible to keep up with the last thing. We just move on to the next thing.

Our dollar is falling. The rest of world is aghast at what is happening in the United States.

Keeping us on our toes to own the narrative is truly a skill.  What‘s insane is that we have all become numb.  This is how bad shit happens. 
Please vote this man out.  And yes it is illegal to vote twice.