Beacon of Democracy?

My sister and I were talking about the voting lines. She articulated exactly what everyone should be thinking, she said “and this is the beacon of democracy? Make America Great again? This is not great.”

The lines over the weekend were utterly ridiculous across the country. Yet, the countless people who have waited in line for their right to vote are amazing. I applaud each and every person who waited it out. The number of people who have voted already is astounding. This is what democracy is about.

Yet our Government, yes our Government, had made it difficult to vote. In NYC alone there are only 16 places in Manhattan where you can vote prior to November 3rd. There should be 100. In Texas they have closed hundreds of voting booths. Why? Lack of funding? To suppress votes? What?

It shouldn’t be like this. This needs to change. We need new jobs, better infrastructure, Corona under control, Medicare for all, more housing, shifts to renewable energies, etc., etc. There are so many priorities that must be done in the next four years to start the ball rolling in a new direction. It can’t be just one major thing but massive change in everything.

Corona is pushing all industries to change and guess what, so does the federal government.  We need to take this country in a new direction and based on the numbers of people standing in line, it seems like we are all yearning for a new direction.