Exiting at the Top

Michael Jordan exited at the top. Brilliant move. Perhaps human nature but if he had continued to play we would have remembered that he held on too long when it was time to bow out gracefully.

What happens to the long standing Republican Senators who have outlived their time? The ones who have stopped representing the majority of their community but their own desires.

Chances are quite good we will see Lindsay Graham, Susan Collins and if we are lucky Mitch McConnell not be reelected. I am certainly rooting for this but what will we remember? That they over stayed their welcome?

When it comes to anything, from being a founder whose time has come to step away, to being a CEO who isn’t cutting it, to being any athlete that is starting to lose their mojo, to anyone who knows its time exiting at the top is graceful. Exiting past your prime is not.

Leaving at the top leaves a much better impact in your own life and everyone else around you. Perhaps it is time for term limits.