Mom’s will Always be Mom’s

I admit I am so glad that we are past that time in our lives where our kids aren’t in school. Many of our friends are spending a big part of their day making sure their kids are actually doing the work, and on Zoom. It is torture.

I am not dismissing the many Dad’s who are helping out too but at the end of the day Mom’s seem to be bearing the brunt of the pandemic. Perhaps it is just maternal but many are taking a break from work and focusing on the most important thing in their lives, their children. When they do that, they see immediate gratification from their kids, and a difference in the kids learning but down the line I fear they will wonder, as I did, have I lost my sense of self?

We are reading about the intense toll COVID is taking on everyone especially Mom’s. Equality in a marriage should bleed into tag teaming for the kids but for too many reasons so much more falls on the backs of the Mom. I keep asking myself, how do we change that?

No doubt we have grown a lot since Leave it to Beaver and June welcoming hubby home, with open arms after a day at the office, and an apron tied around her waist but sometimes I wonder, have we just evolved into something a bit different?

I see so many of my friends who are in the thick of Motherhood and I can’t help but think will Mom’s always just be Mom’s?