Watching All the Change

At this point, unless you have completely withdrawn from social media, we all know change is happening beneath our feet. Of course, if you had deleted all your social media (not that I would blame you), well then, you would not be reading me.

The leaders in the stock market are shifting. It wasn’t Trump that changed this, it has been a slow evolution of technology companies built over the last thirty years. These companies are creating a new group of wealthy people who will make an impact on the economy, philanthropy, and Government for years to come. It is also shifting the powers.

Twilio, Cloudflare, Zoom, Tesla, SmileDirect to name a few not including some of the biggest Amazon, Google, Facebook. Salesforce etc. These companies have become the next generations blue chip stocks. It isn’t GE, it isn’t IBM, and it isn’t HP.

When did this happen? It didn’t happen overnight but COVID pushed them all up the ladder quicker than expected. Smarter and innovative companies who are changing how we live.

What are the long term and short term impact of that? Plenty but it happens slowly and then before you know it, we are there. We can look to the end of the ’60s to the ’80s and see how economies and businesses all shifted as companies such as HP went public at the of the ’60s and Microsoft in the ’80s. We aren’t going to repeat that exactly but we can certainly see where growth will more than likely come from. The companies that are leading the charge will be different in the next decade.

Remember in the 80’s Reagan won over Carter in a landslide. We might (hopeful) be seeing this repeat itself in the days ahead. History has a strange way of repeating itself.