Winding Down my 50’s

On Sunday I turned 59. As my brother so elegantly pointed out “fucked-up crazy, right?”. For sure.

Decades are used to describe stages of our lives just like historical references. This is the last year of my 50th decade.

My twenties were about figuring out how to be an adult which means pay my rent, focus on my career, explore more socially, and create a bit of a plan. My thirties were about having kids while figuring out how to keep a career in place and putting the right priorities in place as our financial world entirely changed at the end of our thirties. My forties was about moving back to NYC and settling everyone in. Three kids who were 8, 6, and 3 were in tow and the shock to their systems was more evident than I realized they would be. Once they settled in, I tried to once again to figure out motherhood and career. In my 50s I grew in a new direction and put a little gas on my own career, aka myself. So what comes next?

Each decade I have evolved while zigging and zagging. I feel more relaxed and on top of my game than ever before. Maybe that just comes with age. I have a next thing brewing that is jazzing me up. I am taking it slowly where in the past I would have charged through with the snap of my fingers. Perhaps that comes with age too.

This year has been one for the record books but it has also been a time for growth. Silver linings always exist. I am not saying good-bye to the ’50s quite yet but it is a strange age knowing that the next decade is right around the corner.