The Crown

I am finally bingeing on The Crown. We had seen a few of the first episodes and never returned. When I read about the fourth season focusing on Diana and Charles, well I had to go back and see the whole thing through.

When I lived in London during college, I was obsessed with royalty. It was the Maggie Thatcher years. I stood in line for 4 hours to see all the gifts that Diana and Charles received for their wedding. I even bought some of the paraphernalia. Somewhere in storage I have a small tray commemorating their marriage. It was my weed tray for years.

The clothes, the settings, the architecture is just so good. Based on what is happening around the world, it really is the perfect time to watch The Crown. Everything is politics. The egos that drive economies and culture are right there on the screen.

As I am watching the story be told, I can’t help but think what if women ran the world? If at this point in history men were trying to have a seat at the table instead of the other way around? Women would still have children because that is certainly not changing. But if women had the children, ran the countries and the men were just the support systems what would the world look like?

Would the United States still have enemies such as Russia and North Korea? Would we be more understanding of different countries and their cultures?  Power begets something and it is unclear if women were the majority in power would it be any different. There aren’t enough of us around the globe to create a cabal among those women to find out…yet.

As for The Crown, Queen Elizabeth still reigns. Her power, her elitism and most important the Royal families inability to really do anything but be good samaritans for the British is noted. The monarchy is fascinating. Harry obviously dipped.

When it comes to women in power, we will be able to say Madam Vice President to Kamala Harris for the first time in our country. From the outside looking in, she seems tough yet warm and has a great laugh. All good assets. I am looking forward to seeing what she does and who she reaches her hand out to.

Have we broke that glass ceiling yet? More women than ever are going into politics. Perhaps in decades to come, women will truly rule the world. I hope so.