10 Months and Counting

I have always been looking over my shoulder. Over the years, I have come to understand myself better so I get it. I have managed to keep that desire to give a peek and run at full speed tempered. I now take more time, go through several processes in my head, before really making sure that any new directions make sense.

This past year is so fucking strange is it hard to make any decisions. I have got excited about a few things but as I spend time doing a reality check, I am not sure if any decisions or major changes should take place during a pandemic.

I want to get out of the malaise. I want to jump into something new. I want to also travel the second I can. I want to walk free and have dinner with my friends, indoors. I want to go to a museum, go to a movie, go to a gallery, go to a store and not freak out being around other humans. We all have our wishes when we are vaccinated.

I find myself doing Zooms, business projects, jigsaw puzzles, reading books, and making meals in the same environment every day.

It is hard not to contain myself from jumping into something feet first when I realize what I really want to do is engage in something else besides living through a pandemic. The worst is the social void.

There is definitely a light beaming at the end of the tunnel. I feel like it is burning a little brighter every day. Fingers crossed.