The Terminator…and now what?

Hats off to @Schwarzenegger for this speech. If you haven’t seen it, watch.

I keep thinking about the terrorist at the Capital wearing the Auschwitz Camp sweatshirt. You don’t want to believe that kind of thought process still exists, but sadly it does. Think about Germany. Merkel has been an incredible leader, but will we ever look at Germany without thinking about the Nazis? If you are Jewish, you won’t.

We elected someone who has brain-washed a huge segment of the American public, similar to a cult. Why? What is it that makes people glom on to lies? Are there any similarities between us and Germany when we put someone like Trump in the most powerful seat in the world? We should understand this so as a nation we can figure out how it never happens again.

The real question is “should America prosecute their ex-Presidents?” It is a slippery slope. There are too many countries that elect, prosecute, elect, prosecute. It isn’t pretty and doesn’t help nations move forward.  But what has taken place over the past four years and certainly the past week, I don’t think we have a choice if we never want this to happen again.

Charles Blow wrote “Now we have to ask a very serious question: What do we do now as a society and as a body politic? Do we simply turn the page and hope for a better day, let bygones be bygones? Or do we seek some form of justice, to hold people accountable for taking this country to the brink?

I say that we must prosecute all people who have committed crimes and punish all those who have broken rules. The rule of law can’t simply be for the common man; it must also be for the exalted man. Because only then will the ideas of fairness and justice have meaning.

Unfortunately, I agree.  We can’t just turn the page and move forward without shining a light on illegal, destructive, and dangerous behavior.  It is a sad turn of events in our country, but people must be held accountable for last week’s actions (and more) no matter what seat they sit in.