How do we change the tax code? We must continue to inspire entrepreneurs to build new businesses that employ. But at what point how do we rethink the system completely?

So much wealth has been created for certain companies and in turn the founders. I don’t understand why people who have made unfathomable amounts of cash aren’t more philanthropic. I am a big believer in giving back. It is rewarding and it is the right thing to do.

There needs to be a better way. Let’s take Amazon. It is a publicly-traded company and we all use it. Should 2% percentage of Amazon’s earnings be returned to each individual who makes under a certain amount to help provide income for all? How do we get more companies to do what Ikea just did? Ikea’s parent company bought 10,000 acres in Georgia to save it from development. Ikea is committed to sustainability.

Should individuals who make so much a year be taxed an additional 2% a year? Should other individuals who make so much a year be taxed an additional 1% a year and so on?

There is so much wealth in our country yet we still have extreme poverty where people live in squalor and don’t have enough food on the table for their children. A tremendous amount of our taxes go towards our defense. Should that change? How do we change the trajectory for children born into homelessness or underserved communities? It feels like we are having the same conversation every decade.

Tax the rich is a populist mantra. There are so many ways for people to hide cash or move from states that have high taxes. It is time to truly rethink the entire tax structure so that we can create a rising tide.

Rising tides lift all boats that include big, small, and medium. We must lift up the small boats. How do we do that so the big boats remain happy?