Light at the end of the Tunnel?

Let’s admit it.  Life is dull.  My daughter tweeted that out this week and I couldn’t agree more.  

We are following the rules.  We are not leaving the east coast until we get vaccinated.  We see few humans and the ones we see must take a test before connecting.  Good news we have a few tests on hand.  It’s been a godsend and everyone should have access to these tests and what sucks is they don’t.   
Certainly, these times have opened up our countries truth about our past and the deep inequality that exists. It was about time and that is a silver lining

The day to day life is a big nod.  It’s been a bonus spending extended times with our children who are adults but we all want to bust out to our life.  It was ripped away so suddenly and now it’s become malaise.  It sucks.

I want to be positive.  I want to believe that we will all be vaccinated sooner than later.  That life will return to some sort of normalcy but some days I have a truly hard time getting there.  My gut tells me that most people are beginning to feel the same way.

Then I read that the next wave of people can get vaccinated. Ends up I can get a vaccination and now have an appointment on March 1st for the first shot. I feel insanely relieved. It also says that more are coming.

Call me crazy but I think the light at the end of the tunnel is slowly beginning to shine.