Why Is There Still A Digital Divide?

In our house, we have been talking about the digital divide since the early ’90s. Roughly 30 years ago. We all knew the power of the Internet. That without access to broadband or an education system geared towards STEM, there will be a huge chasm between the connected and the unconnected.

Too many times do we find ourselves in this country having to be defensive instead of offensive. How we fix that in Government is beyond me. The process must be sped up. At the end of the day, it is the foundation of the private sector that has truly been forcing the conversation to close the digital divide.

We worked on this at MOUSE back in the ’90s. Fred and I worked on this through CSNYC in the past decade. It is all about closing the gap for children who are at risk without having access. That is offensive, not defensive.

There is no reason except for greed that every neighborhood in the United States does not have access to high-speed broadband. The Government could force the hand of the companies that control the reins.

Covid has accelerated the issue and, more importantly, has highlighted the problem in the public eye. We can fix this. Enough is enough.