Anxiety and Stress

This has been an insanely stressful, anxiety-ridden twelve months.  I have an ability to just power through things and pretend all is fine and dandy.  It was survival skills as a kid.  Now I’m more aware, thanks to therapy, that these past twelve months have sucked in multiple ways

We are seriously pliable as human beings.  We have adjusted to Zoom.  We have adjusted to being homebodies.  We have adjusted to masks.  It’s so long in the tooth.

I am now half-vaccinated.  The booster is around the corner.  I’m psyched to be able to be out there in the world without feeling vulnerable. However, I want everyone to feel the same.  The things we love to do won’t return until we can roam freely. 

We finally traveled outside of NY this week.  We are out in Park City.  It feels good to have time to compress and think.  Being outside and skiing feels free.  It is still strange when too many people are on the mountain, but we move through them quickly. Hoping, as we all are, that the stress and underlying anxiety will go away sooner than later

Bring on those vaccines!